Solar Eclipse Chakra Intensive

Solar Eclipse Chakra Intensive

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Solar Eclipse Chakra Intensive

Swan River Yoga Mandir

Saturday, 19 August 2017, 13:00

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August 19th
1-4 PM

On Monday, August 21st, we will have a full Solar Eclipse that will be visible for most of us here in the United States. Eclipses are powerful energetic phenomenon. They carry with them the power of transformation. Any time there is an eclipse, the time is ripe for personal change.

This intensive course is an opportunity to take full advantage of this powerful celestial movement. You will learn how to:
• Clear old stuck energy to make way for change to happen.
• Harmonize your chakras through sound, colors, pranayama, meditation, and movement.
• Understand what Reiki is, and how it works.
• Discover which of YOUR energetic centers might be out of alignment, and how to harmonize them.
• Complete an in-depth study of each chakra.
• Develop a deep understanding of each chakra, how it works, what it does, how it impacts your life, and what activities bring it in to balance, and which activities throw it out of harmony.
• Gain a broad understanding of how the chakras relate to the whole of creation, and how each of these energetic centers participates in creation
• Establish the primary knowledge necessary to utilize the chakra system as a potential World View, from which you can begin living in harmony with ALL of creation, and all that is yet to be created.

Investment: $40

Tim VanDerKamp is a 350hr certified Yoga Teacher in the Swan River Yoga Style. He has completed Reiki Master training, and has an established Reiki Practice here in New Orleans. He offers Chakra Yoga once per week at Swan River Yoga and practices yoga asana at home primarily to keep his own energy well balanced and healthy. Tim has this to say about the chakras: “If I could only keep one yoga practice, it would be Reiki. Nothing is more important than keeping the chakras clear. Even ahead of meditation, and certainly ahead of yoga poses, if I could only keep one practice, it would be Reiki.”

Location: Mandir (2940 Canal Street)

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Event Place

Swan River Yoga Mandir

2940 Canal St, 70119 New Orleans, United States

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